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Together, We Can End Unsheltered Homelessness

Portland City Hall, December 10, 2023

Our Mission

End unsheltered homelessness in Portland 

Our Objective

No one, regardless of who they are, should suffer the cruelty and inhumanity of sleeping on the streets.

We will swiftly end unsheltered homelessness in Portland by providing enough nighttime emergency shelters (staffed, rented, and repurposed trauma-informed facilities [e.g., community centers, churches, businesses]) to shelter every unsheltered person in Portland. Learn More

Who We Are

We are a collective of local and national leaders who are action-oriented, relentlessly optimistic, and deeply devoted to our communities and causes.

With over a hundred years of combined experience delivering proven programs in communities that, in many cases, have ended unsheltered homelessness, we are committed to ending unsheltered homelessness in Portland. Learn More 

Why We Exist

We can only begin to repair, restore, and revitalize our city and citizens when every Portlander enjoys the basic need and dignity of a safe and warm place to sleep. 

We believe in a shared “Community Standard.” Our city’s shop owners and housed residents are just as entitled to expect that their doorways or sidewalks are free from their use as a bedroom or toilet as an unhoused person is to have a place to toilet as well as sleep safely and protected from the elements.

Why We Can't Wait

Portland now has the highest per capita unsheltered rate in the nation, not including six cities in California, resulting in a PUBLIC SAFETY EMERGENCY.

Unsheltered Homelessness is Skyrocketing

Unsheltered homelessness has increased 136% since 2017

Shelter Portland Home & Priority Pages

Homeless Portlanders are Dying

315 deaths among people experiencing homelessness in 2022

Graph detailing the numbers of unsheltered homelessness in Portland, Oregon

Misery is on Display in All Four Corners of Portland

Sadly, behind each blue dot that represents a campsite report are actual people, many of whom are our children, neighbors, former high school classmates, living in unsafe, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions. Disgracefully, one of these individuals will die tonight because we’ve reached the tragic level where Portland loses one homeless person per night for a host of reasons that include, but are not limited to overdose, homicide, suicide, fire, disease, and extreme weather. 

Campsite Reports in Portland, Oregon

Campsite Reports - City of Portland

Housed Portlanders are Leaving

“Majority of Portland voters say they’d consider leaving if they could as crime, homeless concerns persist.” - Oregonian, Dec. 12, 2023

We cannot wait another day.


 Join our initiative and help us end unsheltered  homelessness, now 

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